in San Diego

  • San Diego is a lovely city... this is the view from the roof of our hotel.


  • Malarrimo Restaurant
    This is a RoadScholar trip ... according to the literature, the highlights of this trip are: - The Gray whales which come to the warm waters off the Baja Peninsula each winter to deliver their calves, and to mate. - The Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the oldest and most important marine science research center in the world, and the Birch Aquarium outside San Diego. - Colorful Tijuana and sleepy desert towns, including Tijuana’s exceptional museum and theater complex and the new Museum of Baja California. - Baja’s diverse habitats -- from the rich agricultural region of the north to deserts, salt marshes and beaches. - Seafood fresh from the ocean and tequila tasting.


  • IMG_4708
    The whales visit 3 lagoons along the Baja California coast; we only stopped in 2 of them, San Ignacio and Ojo de Liebre, near Guerrero Negro. Joan and Claire get the credit for some of the best pictures. I don't know if they were simply less distracted then I was or if they have better cameras. Of course, maybe they just take better pictures.