music museum

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    The National Music Museum is in Vermilion, SD... for some unknown reason. They only have space for a small %tage of their stuff, but hope to expand to another building soon. In the meantime, it's pretty cool, but less impressive than the one in Brussels. This picture is of the fountain in front of the museum.

Sand dunes np

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    The NP is in southern Colorado, and is worth a visit if you're not in a hurry to get some place else. It's apparently a very strange configuration formed by an unusual arrangement of rivers, mountains, and prevailing winds.


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    Durango is an old mining town, and a more recent haven for new age types... the harmonic convergence and the 4 corners area, you know. The houses are not the huge old Victorians one often sees, but more modest -- and charming -- houses for real people.

Petrified Forest NP

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    The Painted Desert is apparently enormous, and this is only a little part of it. The northern loop is painted desert; the southern loop is the petrified forest. One thing we read suggested that tons of material are being stolen by tourists each year.


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    There are two places named Sequoia... Sequoia National Forest in Southern California & Sequoia National Park just to the north. Both are beautiful, with the standard very tall trees, mountains, rivers/waterfalls, etc. The National Park has a shuttle service, along with a very nice (and probably decadent) lodge.


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    And here we are, at Glacier Point in Yosemite. From here, there is a 280 degree view of Yosemite Valley, some 3000 feet below. It's quite amazing.

Crater Lake

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    We were at Crater Lake in 2007, and some of these pictures are from that trip... the light was better. This time, there was a lot more snow, and there was floating ice. Plus, the mosquitos were terrible!

Washington to Montana

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    We drove along the Columbia River gorge and then across Idaho and Montana. Much of the way, the roads follow one river or another, along a narrow, twisting canyon in Idaho, over Lolo Pass, and into Montana. This is part of the Lewis and Clark Trail and also Nez Pierce country so there are lots of commemorative markers, historic sites, and so forth. The pictures are not necessarily in order, as that's just too complicated to do.


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    As I mentioned in the blog, the Badlands were amazingly green. I'm not sure if that made them more or less beautifu; it was certainly different.


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    These are simply pictures of things that one of us found interesting, funny, beautiful, or whatever along the road...