• The cathedral
    Located in the Puebla Valley, Puebla is one of Mexico's oldest Spanish cities, founded in 1531. Legend has it that a band of angels appeared to to point out where to situate the new city. Puebla is renown for its distinctive colonial architecture, savory cuisine, Talavera ceramics, onyx crafts, and textile industry. The indigenous language of the region, Náhuatl, is still spoken in some rural areas of the Puebla Valley. Mexican troops defeated French invaders here on May 5, 1862, at the Forts of Loreto and Guadalupe.


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    The turibus takes about an 1.5 hour trip around the city, including up to the fort where the French were defeated at the Battle of Puebla


  • on the balcony of our hotel
    The city is located 124 miles northwest of Mexico City. It is one of the only places in Mexico where the Spanish built a settlement which co-existed side by side with the indigenous population. It's now an industrial center, and the air quality reflects that.

San Miguel de Allende

  • San Miguel is a lovely smallish town not too far north of Mexico City... it was "discovered" by artists many years ago and and now is a favorite retirement/winter escape for people from the US and Canada. You do not have to speak Spanish in San Miguel.


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    Bernal is a small town in Queretaro state, famous mainly for the allegedly calming energies of the volcanic plug above the town


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    in the Mexican state of Querétaro... famous for its thermal waters, and for its wine and cheese.

Mexico City

  • Hotel Eurostar - our living room
    Sprawling across a valley encircled by ice-capped volcanoes and mountains, atop an ancient Aztec civilization, Mexico City is North America's highest city, and the second largest in the world.

Basilica of Guadalupe

  • where to buy various mementos
    This is the central place of worship of Mexico's patron saint and the home of the image responsible for uniting pre-Hispanic Indian mysticism with Catholic beliefs. The famous image is now in the new basilica, and 2 little moving sidewalks take visitors back and forth in front of it.


  • after lunch
    Here we are, at the top of the Temple of the Sun, with the Temple of the Moon in the background


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    some photos are from the Puebla-Queretaro area; others are from Northern Mexico.