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the plan

  • Here's the general idea ... head toward the Badlands, visit Devil's Tower, and camp in Yellowstone for a few days. Then, perhaps north to Glacier, and over to Oregon to visit family. Last, a quick swing down to northern CA to see the redwoods and then home.


  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
    First of all, Yellowstone is huge ... 63 miles north to south by 54 miles east to west, which totals 3,472 square miles. It's bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Second, it's high, from 11,358 feet at Eagle Peak to 5,282 feet at Reese Creek. Third, it's active ... it has about 2/3 of the thermal features (geysers, fumeroles, mud pots, hot springs, etc) in the world. Plus, it's wild, with bison, elk, bears, big horn sheep, pronghorns, etc., etc. We spent 5 night there, 3 at the Madison campgrounds and 2 at Canyon. We also covered a lot of the area inbetween those places, but didn't begin to see everything.


  • Unity Lake
    I've always thought of Idaho as being mountainous and it is, except for a long valley that curves like a smile through the middle of the state. And that's the route we took ... flat and empty but with mountains in all directions..


  • Stout Grove
    As we headed south from Crater Lake, we saw this mountain looming in the distance ... it's Mount Shasta, a 14179-foot (4322 m) stratovolcano, the second-highest peak in the Cascade Range and the fifth highest peak in California. It may only be #5, but it's pretty impressive.


  • Running Eagle Falls
    A view of Glacier from the east ... one goes into the mountains directly and abruptly from high, empty Montana prairie.