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Dick Parker - banjo sub

Dick Parker - banjo sub

Dick is a familiar face and a welcome presence. He has been playing banjo and guitar with various Minnesota jazz bands since 1979. He plays regularly with the Pig's Eye Jass Band, along with most of the Lazy Does It regulars.

Dick and his wife, Debra, have three daughters, who are also talented musicians. Dick worked in various editing and writing jobs at the Star Tribune newspaper for 37 years, until his retirement in 2007. For his other main hobby, he says, "I collect -- or just accumulate -- vintage cameras, banjos and guitars."

Don't be concerned about Dick; he's not typically as worried as he looks in this photo.

In December of 2019, at age 77, Dick succumbed to health problems that had plagued him for several years. In spite of these physical challenges, he continued to pursue his beloved jazz with a passion and determination rarely seen. We will miss him greatly.

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