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Gordy Myers - drums

Gordy Myers - drums

Gordy and Len go way back. They met playing for the Prospect Park United Methodist Church softball team, in the mid 70's. Gordy and Len (along with banjoist Garry Peterson) first played jazz together in the Lazy River Dixieland band, starting in 1980, and later anchored a pick-up group at PPUMC that was to evolve into Lazy Does It.

Gordy is the consummate drummer for traditional jazz. His discrete back-up and timely "fills" are the band's rhythmic glue, and his tastefully restrained solos add variety and spice. Along with Garry and pianist Bill Johnson, he has played in the long-lived Pig's Eye Traditional Jass Band, for many years.

Gordy is retired from his own plumbing supply business.

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