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Ralph Faville - trumpet sub

Ralph Faville - trumpet sub

Ralph jumped in and pretty much carried the show at a gig for the Woodbury, MN Senior Citizens Group, in May, 2014, picking up the slack for the clarinetist who got lost and never showed up. Ralph has a long history in traditional jazz, playing in the erstwhile Deep North Dixieland Band, years ago, the Pig's Eye Jass Band, currently (along with several other Lazy Doers), and many other local groups. His deep knowledge of the repertoire and flamboyant technique make him a great crowd pleaser. He also plays in several "legit" groups.

Ralph has played with LDI a few other times, but his work as a pediatrician meant long hours and frequent on-call commitments, so he was not often available. He retired in January of 2020, so we hope to see a lot more of him.

My favorite Faville quotation: "If I wanted to play softly, I'd have taken up the bassoon."

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