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Tom Wahlrobe - drums sub

Tom Wahlrobe - drums sub

Tom played drums for the 2011 gig at Lauderdale City Park. In spite of rehearsing only once with the band, he turned in a seamless performance. We enjoyed both his playing and his wry wit enough that we've rung him in again, from time to time.

At one gig, Bill complained about the piano's stiff action, saying, "I feel like my fingers are a quarter-inch shorter." The always empathetic Tom replied, "Sit closer to the keyboard."

Tom is the drummer for Metro Retro, a traditional jazz, swing, and blues band of professional musicians that plays for corporate events and private parties. He has also played with the Moonlight Serenaders and Zurah Flames big bands, the Dakota Valley and Kenwood Symphonies for performances of Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances, and the Minneapolis Civic Orchesta.

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