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Warren Schulz - trombone sub

Warren Schulz - trombone sub

Warren is the leader of another Twin Cities Dixieland group called Sanok (after a city in Poland - long story). Len and Warren first met when Len filled in, on woodwinds, for a Sanok gig, several years ago. (Len often subs for Jonathan Preus, who is Sanok's regular clarinetist and also fills that roll with Lazy Does It.) Warren has played with us a few times, over the years, but somehow has managed to avoid joining this rogues' gallery, until now.

Warren is a semi-retired Lutheran Minister. His traditional, gut-bucket trombone style and friendly personality compensate, somewhat, for his penchant for telling corny jokes. He and Len have hired each other for up-coming Sanok and LDI gigs, and will, no doubt, continue doing so, from time to time.

Warren died at the age of 84 in May of 2018. He will be missed not only for his musical contributions but also for his work as a Lutheran pastor.

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