Cairo, Giza, and around

  • We spent 3 days in the Cairo area before flying to Luxor. Unfortunately (as is obvious in the pictures), the wind and sand blew the whole time. Plus, the pyramids were less impressive than I had expected, although the Sphinx lived up to its advance billing. OTOH, the museum was pretty cool, despite the gloom and heat inside. The sights, sounds, and smells around the area were maybe the most interesting. I kept saying, "That's the Nile!!"

Philae Temple

  • Philae is a particularly impressive temple for several reasons, First, the location is gorgeous. Unlike many of the temples, which are surrounded by empty desert, it sits on an island in the Nile. Second, it's one of the ones which was moved because of the flooding that followed the building of the Aswan High Dam, and moving temples always impresses me. And last, it's just pretty in and of itself.

Abu Simbel

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    Abu Simbel temples are two massive rock temples in Nubia, southern Egypt, on the western bank of Lake Nasser southwest of Aswan (about 3.5 hours driving). It was on the road to Abu Simbel that the 8 American tourists were killed last week. We flew (about 1 hour), and then took a boat back to Aswan. The twin temples were originally carved out of the mountainside during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II in the 13th century BC, as a lasting monument to himself and his queen Nefertari. The complex was relocated in its entirety in 1968, on an artificial hill above Lake Nasser.

more ruins

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    In no particular order...

the Nile

  • the skipper of our felucca (Arabic: فلوكة‎)
    We flew from Cairo to Luxor, and then cruised on the Royal Lily from there to Aswan.


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    I thought that Egypt had exhausted my impressionability; not so, however. But, this describes Petra much better than I could (even if it is a little overwrought) http://almashriq.hiof.no/jordan/900/930/petra/jda/petra.html

Little Petra

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    Little Petra is sort of the back door or commercial side of Petra... similar buildings and narrow, winding entrance but no donkeys/camels/carriages and few tourists.

along the King's Highway to the Dead Sea

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    From Petra, we drove north along the King's Highway to Kerak, where we stopped for lunch and a quick visit to the crusader castle. Then it was on to the Dead Sea and the highly decadent Marriott. BTW - north is to the left on this map. It fit the page better that way.


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    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerash Jerash was already inhabited during the Bronze Age (3200 BC - 1200 BC) and its importance waxed and waned from then up through the Ottoman period.

Amman - tour of the city

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    Amman, from our hotel room